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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Revive has teamed up with the BOC to offer BOC-branded car care products to Club Members, all available online through the BOC Shop. These specially handcrafted products are made locally to Prescott and designed to gently care for your car to restore its former glory!

Revive Auto Apothecary takes part of its name from the term for the world’s early dedicated chemists and pharmacists whose innovative experiments led to major advances in scientific knowledge. These original apothecaries paved the way for the development of the science and technology that would ultimately allow the manufacture of the classic motor cars that we are here to help you preserve and revive.

By assembling a team of top chemists, car enthusiasts and professional detailers, we went back to first principles to develop our auto detailing products.

Our desire has been to create specialist cleaning, preservation and restoration products in complete harmony with the traditional build of classic cars while making use of the latest advances in chemical science.

These kits make the perfect Christmas Present, so head online now to order by clicking HERE


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