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I was going to start these jottings with a title such as ‘Blowing Away The Dust’ but that would be misleading. The Bugatti Owners’ Club archives, ‘YOUR’ archives, are by no means dusty! They are a working archive and do not stay ‘still’ long enough to accumulate a layer of dust.

They comprise anything associated with The Bugatti Owners’ Club and Prescott Hill Climb and dovetail into the Bugatti Trust’s role of furthering the knowledge and technical understanding of Bugatti cars and engineering.

In the archives we have the race programmes, supplementary regulations and results for Prescott events as well as some from other venues where B.O.C. events were held.

This information is complemented by a full run of the Club Magazine "Bugantics", scrapbooks, lists of members, a good photographic collection, some cine film, and even sound recordings. Ephemera and badges form a small part of the archive.

This resource assists in the important part of the work of your Archivist in answering the queries from members and assists in promoting the Club through articles in publications. There is usually a benefit to the Club with these queries with an exchange of information. In 2015 there was a Commemorative Parade at Chalfont St. Peter, where the Club had held some of their earliest events between 1931 and 1935 prior to coming to Prescott. The Club provided much detailed historical information from the archives for this event and contributed to its success. Through this collaboration our knowledge of this event has been greatly extended and many useful contacts made.

We will delve into these topics and bring you more detailed information on specific areas of interest in future Newsletters.

From time to time members generously donate items to the Club, to be cared for within the archives and these help to further our knowledge of the Club's past.  

Remember that your archives are a working resource, dependent on the members' generosity for new acquisitions to further our knowledge and understanding of the history of our Club. 

For further information on please contact Paul Gibbons, Club Archivist.
Please note that Paul is in the BOC Club Office on Tuesdays only.

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