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Prescott Speed Hill Climb was founded in 1938 by the Bugatti Owners’ Club and has been one of the highlights of the hill climb competition calendar ever since. Comprising 1127 yards of exquisite tarmac, this quintessentially English motorsport hill has welcomed the likes of Sir Stirling Moss, Norman Wisdom, Richard Hammond and pretty much every petrolhead in between over the years.

April 23rd and 24th will see the Hill host the opening round of the British Hill Climb and Midland Hill Climb Championships, not only marking the start of the competitive hill climb season, but also celebrating the 75th anniversary since the inception of the British Championship in 1947, which featured Prescott as one of the original hills.

The event will run a capacity entry, seeing over 200 cars and bikes take to the hill for a spectacular two-day, winner takes all shoot out. Wallace Menzies, reigning British Champion and current Prescott record holder, will be looking to defend his title and hill record, but can expect to be chased down by the top twelve runners, all of whom will have their eyes on taking the 2022 title. Serious contenders will come in the form of Alex Summers, hot off his impressive run at the FIA Hill Climb Masters event last Autumn, six-times former champion Scott Moran and three-time former champion Trevor Willis.

Alongside the two national championships featured at this season opening event we welcome the BOC Fassi and New Barn Championships, Pirelli Ferrari Hill Climb Championship and the National Hill Climb Association of Bikes, as well as a gaggle of vintage Bugattis.

The weekend will also celebrate the life of Joy Rainey, a hugely successful and respected female hill climber who sadly passed away whilst in Australia at the end of 2019, and now with the lifting of Covid restrictions we are able to pay special tribute to her. The Club has arranged for a number of her cars to be on display within the paddock for the weekend and invited her friends to attend the event as a celebration of her successes and support of the BOC and Prescott.

Tickets to attend this spectacular event are still available online through the Club’s website


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Martyn Smith
Martyn Smith
Apr 23, 2022

I was surprised that the burger bar & draught beers were not open today in the area behind the restaurant - there was no where to get a burger or bacon sandwich??

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