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Life and Discounted Membership offer

Updated: May 12, 2020

We write to you as your recently appointed Chairman and the Council Member for Membership of the Bugatti Owners' Club and operator of Prescott Speed Hill Climb. As we are sure you are aware, the BOC is one of the oldest car clubs in the UK and are the owners and operators of one of the longest standing purpose built motorsport venues in the country. Over recent years the Club has worked hard to develop infrastructure at Prescott Hill which has seen its cash reserves invested into bricks and mortar. This combined with a couple of years hard trading has seen the Club slip into a position where rejuvenation is required in order to keep the bank balance in the black. Your Council Members have worked hard over the winter months to put new systems and innovations in place in order to restablise the Club, but now we face even tougher times with the shutdown of our venue following the global Covid-19 Pandemic. The immediate effect of the pandemic on the Club is that we are unable to operate our events. This has the direct impact of reducing our income by some 86%. Sadly overheads are not able to be reduced by the same, significant percentage and due to previous investment in venue development projects we have limited cash resources to fall back on as our 'rainy day' fund. In order to balance the books through these troubled times your Council Members have been considering a number of options and have decided to make a limited number of discounted lifetime memberships available with immediate effect. This will see 50 discounted memberships released to be purchased for the value of £1000 each for single membership or £1500 for joint lifetime membership. If you are already a lifetime member and would like to upgrade to joint lifetime membership then we are offering this at only £500. Lifetime Membership offers you exactly what it 'says on the tin'. You pay one fee of £1000 or £1500 and are a member of the BOC and Prescott Hill Climb for the remainder of your life and can take advantage of all the associated benefits for as long as you wish. We also appreciate that £1000 is a lot of money for many people, so are also offering a new 7 Year Membership option for the cost of £500. This 7 year Membership will again, offer exactly what it says on the tin, in that you will be a fully paid up member of the Club for 7 years for the discounted fee of £500. Again, the number of these memberships the Club will be making available is restricted to only 50. Members who support the Club by taking 7 year Membership will be offered the option to upgrade this to Lifetime Membership by making an additional £500 contribution during 2021. We firmly believe that if supporters of BOC and Prescott step forward and take advantage of these specially created discounted memberships this will provide the funds in order to ensure your Club and your Hill Climb survives the global pandemic and well beyond. We already have exciting plans and innovations in hand for 2021, whilst working on contingency planning for the remainder of 2020 in the hope that we can run our venue in the latter part of the season. As many costs as possible have already been saved and staff and council are working in unison to ensure we are taking advantage of as much support from central government and our governing body as possible. The future is bright for the BOC and Prescott, so we invite you to join us by supporting the Club and signing up for Lifetime or 7 year membership. To support your Club and Venue please contact our General Manager, Gemma Price, who will be able to provide you will full details on how to sign up for the scheme. or 07734 030999. Kind Regards Nick Upton (Chairman) and Edmund Burgess (Council Member for Membership)


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 The future is bright for the BOC and Prescott, so we invite you to join us by supporting the Club and signing up for Lifetime or 7 year membership.

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