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BOC Online Entry System Updates

From 8pm this evening (08/06/2021) until the morning of Wednesday 9th June 2021, the online entry system for Prescott Hill Climb will be offline to allow for significant system updates.

We have recently, gratefully, received feedback from various competitors, and following close liaison between our Council Member responsible for IT and our IT provider we are pleased to be launching the first of a number of scheduled system updates which will occur at various points throughout this season.

After the update is completed, you will notice a number of significant improvements. Firstly, the interface will have been updated to a modern operating platform with improved mobile device integration. Apple product users will also now be able to scroll up and down the screen, unlike previously.

In addition to this, you will also, at the point of entering an event, be able to select your car, class and advise if you are sharing the car with a fellow competitor. Likewise, you will be able to advise who is driving out of batch.

Rather than clicking ‘Book’ you will notice this has been changed to ‘Enter’ and likewise there are additional warnings with guidance for any competitor who has incomplete mandatory information which stops events being displayed that you might be trying to enter.

We do hope you find these changes a dramatic improvement and it’s worth noting that these are the first of many you will see over the next few months. As always, we appreciate your feedback, both good and bad, so please feel free to email with any comments you have to


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