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Bugatti Owners Club : Message from New Chairman, Colin Bullock

Firstly speaking on behalf of the Bugatti Owners Club Council we would like to thank Nick Upton for his leadership and inspiration during the four years he served as Chairman of the BOC safely steering the Club through the difficult Covid period. His work has been greatly appreciated.

As his successor, unanimously endorsed by the Bugatti Owners Club  Council, I was appointed on the 13th February.    I have been a Council member since 2015.

I have a technical and business background in the Defence industry and have been an active hill climber in my Bugatti Type 51 since 2011. I have long standing interests in vintage and classic cars, restoring and maintaining my own cars wherever possible.

I will continue the approach that each Council Member has specific responsibilities within the Club.

My view is that as a Club we need to be business like enough to ensure the survival and progression of the Bugatti Owners Club  but be more inclusive and valuable to our membership to ensure, maintain and foster a positive Club spirit enjoying both our motorsport and social activities.

I am greatly encouraged by the rejuvenated Bugatti Affairs committee who have put together an exciting and interesting programme of events for 2024.

Gemma and her team are also working  hard on events for our hill climb and championship calendar. This year we can look forward to a two-day Prescott Historique in May, two visits from the British Hill Climb Championship and conclude the year with the unique Rallye Prescott, which sees the Hill run in darkness.

Amongst other activities 2024 will see improvements in Club connectivity and security. Work is underway to put Bugatti Spares on line. We are determined to improve the commentary facilities which have needed upgrading for some time. Activities which will hopefully be endorsed by Friends of Prescott.

We hope to build on the success of our Club and catering facilities which have become an integral and increasingly valuable revenue stream for the club. We are fortunate as a Club to have an effective team of Marshals and Volunteers and both groups are greatly appreciated.

One of the things that drew me towards Prescott initially was the friendliness of the competitors and how closely intermingled the spectators and competitors were. It makes for a great atmosphere and encourages new blood into motorsport, we should treasure that. I remember at my first meeting and to my pleasant surprise, fellow Bugatti competitor John Day taking the time to take a map of the course and brief me on the finer points of the hill.

I shall endeavour to do my best for the Bugatti Owners Club and look forwards to meeting you as the season starts

Kind regards

Colin Bullock



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