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A joint statement from the Vintage Sports-Car Club and Bugatti Owners Club

Whilst both the VSCC and the BOC hope that the lifting of restrictions on 19 July goes ahead and we can have a ‘normal’ Prescott in August, we do have to plan according to the prevailing conditions of the time.

Currently the local council have a risk assessment from Bugatti Owners Club that needs to be followed which in turn means the limit on spectators at the moment is just 250 people.

Tickets will be sold on a first come-first served basis to members only with a limit of two tickets per member. Both the VSCC and BOC are expecting this limit to be raised by July so if this goes ahead as expected a further 250 tickets will be released.

If further changes are made on 19 July by the Government any remaining tickets available will then go on sale on 21 July, to members and non-members. All of this will be subject to the BOC’s risk assessment and agreement of the local council so any changes will be communicated on both club’s websites and social media.

Please see the planned timetable below:

7 July, 10am – first tranche of 250 tickets go on sale to VSCC and BOC members only

14 July, 10am – second tranche of 250 tickets go on sale to VSCC and BOC members only

21 July, 10am – all remaining tickets go on sale to the general public

Tickets will be sold through the BOC website on the below link

We appreciate that this presents the possibility of a very different Vintage Prescott this year if restrictions aren’t lifted, but we do thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.


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