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The Championships Meeting: Sunday round-up

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The weekend's action continued on Sunday as we welcomed competitors back to the hill for the second day of the Championships meeting.

In addition to the regular championships, cars competing in the Healeysport Championship also took to the hill on what was a sunny afternoon in Cheltenham.

The fastest time of the day was once again recorded by Sean Gould in his Gould GR59JB, with an improved time of 35.99 seconds.

Alex Summers also finished the day with the second fastest time in his DJ Firehawk, he improved on yesterday's 37.76 seconds with a time of 36.74 seconds.

The NB1 Saloons class was up first and Sam Wilamowski secured first place with the best performance on handicap driving a BMW E30 318i. In NB2, Zoe Shearman came first driving a Toyota MR2.

Moving on to the Henney's Cider Classic Speed Championship, in class P3, Andy Clarke was awarded first place driving an Austin Mini. Then, in P4, Richard Jones in his Porsche 911 came out on top.

Peter Thurston came first in the M1 class driving a Mallock MK4 U2 and in the M2 class, Jeremy Rivers Fletcher performed the best on handicap, driving a Triumph Special.

The BOC all-comers B1 class was topped by Leigh Carter driving a Fiat 695SS Abarth, then in B2, Emma Ali was awarded first place in a Mazda MX5.

Lindsay Summers secured the top spot in B3 driving a DJ Firehawk and, finally, Stephen Casson came first in the Healeysport Championship in his Austin Healey Sebring Sprite Coupe.

You can access the full set of Sunday's results here.

Saturday's results are also available here.

The BOC would like to thank all marshals and competitors for a fabulous weekend at Prescott and we look forward to welcoming you back in October!


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