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Provisional 2021 Competition Calendar

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Our 2020 calendar came to a close at the weekend with the Prescott Season Finale after a difficult year but we are delighted to announce and share the provisional dates for the 2021 season!

With the difficulties this year has had brought on by Covid-19 and affecting everyone's day-to-day lives it has been great to see the return of events and cars going up the hill at Prescott!

But our attention has already turned towards the next season and the possible events we can bring you with our provisional calendar for 2021.

The provisional dates are:

24th & 25th April - British and Midland Championship

19th June - Porsche at Prescott

20th June - Interclub and National

3rd July - Members Meeting

24th & 25th July - Midland Championship and Interclub Meeting

4th & 5th September - British and Midland Championship

2nd October - Season Finale Interclub and National

Please note that dates are subject to change depending on Covid-19 and government restrictions, but we look forward to seeing you all back at Prescott next year!


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