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Prescott hosts first competitive event of the year with reopening meeting

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

We had a fantastic day on the hill as competitive action returned for the first time since October 2019.

With the sun shining and only a few showers throughout the day, we welcomed a great mix of cars back to Prescott as the 2020 calendar got underway on Saturday afternoon.

After a morning of practice, the drivers lined up in the paddock and finally took to the famous track, recording some impressive runs.

The fastest time of the day was recorded by Sean Gould on his second run with 37.48 seconds in his Gould GR59JB; closely followed by Adam Greenen in his Empire Evo2, who completed the course in 39.92 seconds, also on his second run.

For the New Barn Interclub License Championship, in the NB1 Saloons class, Mark Maynard was awarded first place in his Hillman Imp, with a best performance on handicap. Then, in the NB2 Sports Cars, Rob Gutteridge topped the class in his Mazda MX5.

Moving on to the Henney's Cider Classic Speed Championship, Stephen Akers came out on top in the P3 class, driving a Morris Mini Cooper S. In P4, Steve Phennah was the best performer on handicap in a MG MGB.

Class M1 saw Phil Fisher as the best performer in a Mallock Mk11 and Andy Tippett in his Brabham BT30X 1 came out on top in the M2 class.

Finally, in the BOC All-Comers class, Richard Ploeg came first in the B1 class, Frank Ashley in B2 and Murray Wakeham in B3.

A full set of results can be viewed here.

BOC council members would like to thank all of our marshals for ensuring the event ran smoothly and that social distancing guidelines were observed throughout the day.

We would also like to thank all of our members that joined us at the track and on our livestream (from all over the world!) and we look forward to seeing you on September 5 and 6 for our next competitive event.


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