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Prescott Drivers Schools Restart with a New Format

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

2020 has been a difficult year with so many of our plans and expectations being affected.

So we’re delighted to be getting back onto our fabulous hill at Prescott and to giving you the opportunity to drive it!

The Team have worked tirelessly to get the necessary authorisation for ‘Drive Prescott’ and we have come up with a plan for what we hope will be a fun event. Due to the timing of the permission being granted and the need to rearrange bookings, we will be postponing the August school, but keeping the date of 16th September, then adding additional dates.

Whilst there are some restrictions that mean we can’t run our regular school format we believe we have a great recipe for driving the hill under the watchful eyes of our school instructors: Dave Parr, James Baxter, Sandra Tomlin and Tim Cross.

We’ll be running a short introduction and will have feedback stations in the paddock where we can give guidance on how to approach the corners.

There won’t be video playback and review on the day but our video ace Steve Drew will be on hand to video the action and we’ll get some commentary on it too so you can watch highlights on the web after the event.

By keeping numbers limited in separate morning and afternoon sessions we aim to keep up a good flow on the hill. We are also reducing the price to reflect the change in format to £175 for Members and £200 for non-members.

We have already contacted people who had already booked for 2020, but anticipate some spare capacity, so if your interested in joining us then visit the Events Page!

We’re excited to be able to welcome you back and hope you can join us.

Steve Day



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