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Classics at Prescott - Event Cancellation

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As you are all aware the new Rule of Six came into effect on Monday of this week with the detailed regulations being published late that day. The Classics at Prescott event, along with other non-competitive events at Prescott, have been operating under the organised sport or outdoor physical activity exception. On detailed examination of these regulations it became clear that from 14th September it would become a requirement, under the exception, for each individual event to be expressly approved by the local council. This only became clear to us on Tuesday and BOC, who were already in lengthy negotiations with Tewkesbury Borough Council, made an immediate further representation to request priority was given to our event.

It should be noted, this does not affect other events being held at Prescott for the remainder of this season, as they are authorised by the national governing body for motorsport directly.

The outcome is that it has not been possible for Tewkesbury Borough Council to consider the application and be in a position to make a decision in the timescale available. Consequently, it is with regret that we have no alternative but to cancel Sunday’s event.

As you can imagine we are hugely disappointed to find ourselves making this decision, on a host of levels, but felt we could not wait any longer to give everyone notice of the cancellation.

We will be in contact with you in due course with proposals as to what options are open to you as far as recompense for the donations you have generously made.

We can only hope that the situation is better by May and we will be able to invite you again to Classics at Prescott under more normal conditions

-- Winchcombe Rotary Trust Fund CIO is a Registered Charity Number 1184913



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