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BTRDA Car Trial Grand Final

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Twenty four crews converged on Prescott Speed Hill Climb on Sunday 25th October for the prestigious BTRDA Car Trials Gold Star championship final. An even mix of cars throughout the classes, along with a short season of five events, three in the last two weekends, meant that the Gold, Silver and Bronze stars were totally open.

The new car class saw freshly crowned British champion, and local, Trevor Moffatt looking to do the double, and over the first round of eight long sections saw Moffatt lead by a single point from 2010 champion Nick Pollitt, and newbie Gary Morris, who’d ventured from Dorset in his hand controlled Corsa for the first time. Lunch saw Moffatt three points ahead of Pollitt, with Morris dropping back a little as conditions became more challenging.

The front wheel drive class similarly had six competitors, with two immaculate mk1 VW Golf Gti and a diesel Peugeot. Alastair Moffatt had borrowed younger brother John’s Vauxhall Nova to take on class leader Simon Harris, and his one owner Golf, the 1998 champion. Moffatt, with five year old son (Will) passengering and scoring soon took the lead which by lunch had extended to fourteen points with some great pace judgement. Neil Mackay just about keeping in touch of the leading duo.

The rear wheel drive class has seen four different winners this year, and following a week altering the rear suspension Mark Hoppe hit the ground running, with a three point lead over his year-long duelling partner Dick Glossop. An inspired second round by Barrie Parker, following two mistakes on the first round, saw Parker and Hoppe tied at lunch, and Glossop five behind.

Heavy rain showers during the afternoon, saw grip become difficult to find, as clerk Nigel Green rapidly altered and relocated hills. The afternoon was all about the Moffatt brothers. Elder brother Trevor, decimated class one dropping just twenty all afternoon to Pollitt’s forty seven, with Morris securing third in class. Alastair Moffatt soon exercised second gear burning with perfection to drop just thirteen more, to Harris’ thirty two following a poor last round as the rain changed the hills to mud rapidly. Meanwhile the rear wheel drive class saw Glossop close to three points behind the tied Hoppe and Parker, but the poweress of the Westfield in second gear showed on the last five hills with Parker suddenly opening a eleven point lead over Hoppe, and twenty one over Glossop, becoming the fifth class winner of the year.

Alastair Moffatt won the trial overall, his last win being nearly twenty years ago while he’s focused on Autotesting, from Trevor Moffatt and Parker.

Trevor Moffatt’s superior undefeated season meant that he was delighted to win the Gold Star championship, doing the double with the British seven days previously. A feat also achieved by youngest brother John in 2012 and father Bill in 1970, 71 and 72.

Despite winning the final Alastair Moffatt could only manage to become the Silver Star champion, from Simon Harris on a tie break.

The Bronze star uniquely won by disabled driver Gary Morris, who made BTRDA history in becoming the first disabled driver to win a trophy in the clubs eighty two year history. Morris overcame numerous hurdles and has been welcomed into the sport, and supported by all competitors offering guidance on section layouts but doesn’t take anything away from his superb judgment on pace and reading ground. Peter Hilleard finished Bronze star runner up in his unusual diesel Peugeot which wasn’t suited to the wetter conditions.

Uniquely Vauxhall Corsa’s in three guises won Gold, Silver and Bronze Star. Corsa B, Corsa A (Nova), and Corsa C.

The Autumn Mist trial ran alongside the BTRDA final, with Philip Buckle winning overall despite having had to miss three sections overcoming a handbrake issue, with Ryan Eamer changing from Prescott tarmac to grass in his Cannon to win the rear wheel drive class.

  1. Alastair Moffatt, Vauxhall Nova, 64.7%

  2. Trevor Moffatt, Vauxhall Corsa, 79.7%

  3. Barrie Parker, Westfield SEi, 83.3%

  4. Mark Hoppe, Dutton Melos, 113.6%

  5. Simon Harris, VW Golf GTI, 114.4%

  6. Nick Pollitt, Nissan Micra, 118.3%

  7. Dick Glossop, Liege SS, 136.4%

  8. Gary Morris, Vauxhall Corsa, 142.7%

  9. Steve Courts, Hillman Imp, 186.9%

  10. Neil Mackay, Suzuki Ignis, 191.3% Gold Star Trevor Moffatt (Vauxhall Corsa) Silver Star Alastair Moffatt (Vauxhall Nova) Silver Star Runner up Simon Harris (VW Golf GTi) Bronze Star Gary Morris (Vauxhall Corsa) Bronze Star Runner Up Peter Hilleard (Peugeot 106D) Class 1 Nick Pollitt (Nissan Micra) Class 2 Neil Mackay (Suzuki Ignis) Class 3 Barrie Parker (Westfield Sei)



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