BOC Revive Wax Kit


The REVIVE wax kit comes with our hand-made Luxury Wax in a boxed set with a locally-made, ergonomic beechwood ‘puck’ and applicator pads and ultra-soft buffing cloth.


Our Luxury Wax is a blend of finest carnauba, beeswax and natural oils to give your cherished car a protective layer and a deep, glossy finish!  The beechwood puck is made locally from fallen wood, looks lovely and is ergonomically shaped for easy use. The microfibre towels can be used for areas the puck cannot reach and the ultra-soft 1000GSM cloth buffs off the wax and finishes the car (or motorbike) to a deep, glossy shine. Suitable for all paint types (matt excepted) and also chrome, painted and alloy wheels. Perfect for any petrolhead and environmentally friendly too!

BOC Revive - Wax Kit

  • The Club has established a partnership with REVIVE AUTO APOTHECARY; a Cotswolds based team of top chemists, car enthusiasts and professional detailers. They have started from first principles to develop a set of hand-crafted cleaning and detailing products that are in complete harmony with the traditional build of classic cars, while also making use of the latest advances in chemical science.

    The REVIVE team also inspire and help car owners to learn the best ways to clean, protect and maintain their cars in the finest condition using only the most appropriate products for each element of the task.

    Now you can achieve perfection by using the clearly-defined range of REVIVE auto detailing products with easy-to-follow instructions complete with informative walk-though explanations of how to use each REVIVE product to best effect.

  • We want you to get the most out of each REVIVE product you use, so to help you there is a guide for each product as well as handy 'professional' tips. Click HERE to download




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