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Statement from the Chairman

Updated: May 4, 2020

As your Chairman, in consultation with my Council Members, Gemma Price, our General Manager, we have followed the guidelines issued by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and shut the Bugatti Owners’ Club Office at Prescott as of today.  Communication between Council Members will be by Skype; as indeed that with Gemma upon a daily basis. Members also have the facility to communicate either by the office email addresses or by our telecom provider redirecting office phones.  We have made several staff alterations as would be expected with the withdrawal of all motor sport licences being withdrawn as until late June.  Our intention is now to concentrate upon future event opportunity and the care of the estate, Prescott.  As loyal and enthusiastic members of this historic club, one wish I share with you today to help, is to those who have not as yet renewed their membership fees, I ask you to please do so. Our cash flow without driving school, British and Midland Championship, La Vie en Bleu and various corporate bookings, is a weak situation.  On a positive note, we have enjoyed several unexpected explorational enquires from both national tyre companies, motor manufacturers and clubs looking ahead for events in 2021. Prescott has been signalled as a venue to cherish, together we can ensure its survival and grasp this virus to our advantage.  Regards to you all, take care,  Nicholas Upton Chairman


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