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Updated: Jul 22, 2021

As you can imagine, there has been progress with the easing of social distancing requirements since the announcement last week. The main development being that we have received written confirmation from Motorsport UK that competition and spectator bubbles will no longer need to be kept separate. This means that everyone on site will have access to all areas on the Prescott Estate.

In addition to spectators having access to the paddock, we can also confirm the Club Shop and Friends of Prescott Shop will be reopening from 24th July onwards. All of these are massive steps back towards normality for us as a Club and venue.

As we are all aware, the government has removed all legal restrictions on social distancing, but Covid-19 is still in circulation within the population. All of the guidelines issued by central government lay the responsibility for operating covid secure environments with event organisers and venues, empowering them to create their own policies and also accept the accountability if it goes wrong.

We want Prescott to provide a welcoming and happy environment for everyone who attends, but we also need to be sensible enough to make sure you only take memories (and hopefully awards) home with you, not Covid. Therefore, we have taken the decision to relax some of our covid rules, but have additional control measures in place to help to keep everyone safe. We are trying to make life as easy as possible for everyone, but we are not 100% back to ‘normal’ as yet.

Therefore, when you arrive at Prescott from 19th July onwards, you will be asked to prove you are double vaccinated or have a negative test within the past 48 hours by using the NHS COVID PASS APP either on your phone or by NHS official certificate. If you cant provide this proof, for example, if you don’t have smart phone, then we will temperature check you before allowing entry.

Whilst you are within the paddock, we ask that you wear masks in areas where lots of people are, which will primarily be around the Paddock Office and Paddock Café area. Masks within indoor spaces such as toilets are still mandatory. Whilst moving around inside The Clubhouse we ask that you please wear your mask, but whilst seated, even if not eating and drinking then masks are not needed.

We hope to continue to remove more restrictions as we approach the end of the season and thank you for your support with these changes as they happen. We know its far from ideal, but it’s closer to normal than we have been for a long time. We believe that be operating these compromises we have found a happy medium, allowing as much as possible to return to normal, whilst doing our very best to keep everyone safe. Thank you as ever for your understanding.


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2 則留言

I hope you have taken into consideration the terrible phone signal at Prescott - might cause a bit of a queue at the entry points as people try and download their vaccine certificates.


It could be beneficial to take a screen shot of your vaccine certificate or QR code.

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