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BOC Announce Partnership with Mullin Wine Club

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

We pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between the Bugatti Owners Club and Mullin Estates Wines, who are launching their new Mullin Wine Club exclusively with the BOC.

Mullin Estate Wines was founded by Mr Peter W Mullin, who is an esteemed classic car collector with an undeniable passion for all things Bugatti, a shared passion we can all appreciate and understand ourselves. As the current President of the American Bugatti Club, Mr Mullin is lucky to be the owner of a number of iconic Pre-war Bugattis, including the famously stunning Type 57C Atlantic. It is this appreciation of true craftsmanship which Mr Mullin holds that has seen him found Mullin Wines and step into the ancient art of wine making.

To mark the new partnership and 111 years of Bugatti, The Mullin Wine Club is being launched exclusively with the BOC, with a limited 111 Mullin Wine Club Memberships being available to BOC Members this December.

Membership of the Mullin Wine Club offers a large number of benefits and its not just about the wine! As a founding Member you will benefit from

  • A curated case of Mullin Estate Wine each quarter, delivered safely to your home

  • A celebratory name plaque marking your membership on a row of vines within the Mullin Vineyards in Monte Castello di Vibio, Umbria, Italy

  • An invitation to visit the Estate and stunning vineyard in the summer of 2021, with details due to be announced in Spring next year

  • Regular news and exclusive updates on the Cotswold Automotive Park which will be the UK home to the Mullin Museum and feature a handpicked selection of 30 of Mr Mullins cars each year alongside various other exciting exhibits.

We have discovered that the shared passion of fine wines and fine cars unites our two organisations and we are excited to invite you to join us on this new and exclusive journey. We look forward to a close a united partnership with the BOC and its Members focused on these shared interests over the forthcoming years.

Full details of the Wine Club, the history of the Mullin Estate and the ethos with which we work can be found in the attached brochure.



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